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Vintage Footballers

Elisha Scott

1912 – 1936
Liverpool, Belfast Celtic, Ireland

Welcome to Vintage Footballers! Over recent months and ongoing we have been developing a photo library to enable you to view and purchase images and related products of a huge variety of footballers. We offer thousands of pre World War One and World War Two footballers, their photographs, and the opportunity to buy a variety of items related to their image.

We hope you find many of these interesting, innovative and adventurous and help you to see these men in a way you’ve not seen them before. You may be a football historian, you could well be a family descendant looking for memorabilia of a footballer in your family’s history, you may simply want fantastic pictures of classic players of the past. This website has initially been inspired by the huge number of relatives with footballers in their families a few generations before who have contacted the founder.

Families are proud of their past achievements and associations, and are keen to have images of their antecedents in their prime, both as individuals and as part of their club or national team. Those achievements, many decades later, still help to shape identities, associations, and give reason for pride. We hope that you think the site is impressive and we welcome your feedback. We believe we can provide something that is useful to lots of people, fun for many, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the site in the coming months once it is fully populated. There is a lot more content that we are developing for the site, so please if your footballer isn’t listed, contact us as we will probably have a photograph somewhere! We also have a Facebook page under the title Vintage Footballers where we’d love you to LIKE the page and leave comments.

Footballer Images

Finally a word about the images. Many are excellent considering their age, typically between 80 and 120 years old. Some are worn and some are not all that clear, some are as good an image we have of a particular player, they may be the only image we have or even to anyone’s knowledge that there is, so for that reason we have sometimes chosen to publish photographs that aren’t as good as we’d like them to be, in particular of players whose career was brief. Some photographs of this age are inevitably damaged, blemished, creased, infested with white and black spots when viewed close up, and we go to enormous lengths to clean them as best we can to produce the best image possible. You will see we deliberately use above as a background image a postcard of Preston North End, approximately 110 years old. This has not been cleaned up and the blemishes are numerous!! We are often working with difficult substrates that refuse to clean easily!! Sometimes the image we are re-producing is itself heavily pixillated.

When ordering and choosing enlargements you must consider with the lower quality images how they will look when blown up to a larger size. A good way is to “full screen” the image on your computer. If at all you are not happy with a particular photograph you’d like to order, please tell us and we can work further on it (which we always do when we get an order). Since this business started our techniques for cleaning photographs have improved as has our equipment! But please forgive us when unfortunately the image is less than perfect. It’s often a case of “you should have seen it in the first place!!”. Also the original images are often incredibly small, believe it or not, and if you saw the originals you’d be amazed at the result and understand how good they look considering they’ve been blown up 20+ times!! We are very proud of our image library, an incredible amount of work has gone into it, and we hope, with your help, to make it better.

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